Dumpster Sponge Drain Plug

The Impact Dumpster Sponge Drain Plug is Made from Expanded Closed Cell Nitrite Rubber and is a Reliable and Cost-Effective Alternative to Standard Metal and Plastic Drain Plugs.
  • Easy, tool-free installation
  • Sponge Plug expands to become a rigid, airtight seal
  • Critter-proof
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Product Specification

IP SpongePlug 1
  • Item:1" Small Sponge
  • Dimensions: 1″ O.D. x 1″ thick 
IP SpongePlug 2
  • Item: 2" Standard Sponge
  • Dimensions: 2″ O.D. x 1″ thick
IP SpongePlug 2.5
  • Item: 2½" Oversized Sponge
  • Dimensions: 2½” O.D. x 1″ thick.
Temperature range: -40°C to +105°C.

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