I have ordered from Impact in the past, how do I see my pricing on the website?

If you haven’t done so, register your account on impactinnovates.com. The website will recognize your account. If you still can’t see your pricing, contact a Customer Service Representative at 877-454-3748 or at info@impactinnovates.com.

I placed my order, now what?

You will receive a confirmation order via email with shipping details and tracking information.

I am not an Impact customer, but I order in large volumes annually, am I eligible for bulk pricing?

Yes. Please contact a Customer Service Representative at 877-454-3748 or at info@impactinnovates.com.

I have an idea for a new product or part related to the Waste Industry.

We routinely work with product inventors, please contact a Customer Service Representative at 877-454-3748 or at info@impactinnovates.com

How quickly can I get my order?

98% of our orders ship SAME DAY on stock items. So depending on your location, you will receive your order within 1-5 business days.

What makes lids from Impact different?

Impact Lids are Thermoformed which means they have no parting lines, which are susceptible to breakage. Thermoformed lids also can bend and return to their original shape. Our lids also feature the thickest hingeline, with our Premium Lid having a thickness 30% above and beyond any competitor.

What material is used to make the lids?

We use an exclusive blend of high molecular premier polymers.

How many knuckles does your hingeline have?

The hingeline is the most vulnerable part of the lid. Our front load lids have 6 closed reinforced knuckles and more plastic along the hingeline where you need it most!

What protects the lid from inclement weather and the forces of nature?

All lids have UV inhibitors blended into the plastic. This added UV inhibitor extends lid life protection to 5+ years.

Do You Test Your Lids?

Yes. We have a series of rigorous tests to validate the durability of our lids including a National Hauler Load Test and Drop Test Machine to simulate in the field use and abuse.

How many lids are there to a skid?

Impact lids are packaged 100 to a skid. The organics lids are 20 lids to a skid, and the chute lids are 40 lids to a skid. We are happy, however, to ship partial skids per your request.

Do your lids come in different colors?

Yes we offer white, blue, yellow and green lids in our most popular sizes. We can also produce custom colors lids too. Please contact us for a quote.

What other products do you carry?

We provide the Waste Industry with a full line of Dumpster lids and parts, casters & wheels, pre-fabricated container bottoms, roll off covers & parts, compactor receiver covers & parts and much more. And feel free to call us with your industry headaches. We are your problem solvers. Impact is always innovating and creating new products to make your job easier.