Introducing the NEW StreamClean Recycling Lid

Posted by Paul Reidy, Impact VP of Marketing on Sep 17th 2020

In a collaborative effort with National Haulers, Impact is proud to introduce our line of StreamClean Recycling Lids, a patented design to reduce contamination in single stream recycling containers. … read more

5 Ways to Extend the Life of a Container

Posted by Paul Reidy, Impact VP of Marketing on Jun 8th 2020

In today’s economic climate, extending the life of a container and lowering your total cost of ownership has never been more important.With constraints on capital spend, purchasing new containers i … read more

Reason #773 to Use Our Roll Off Lid System…

Mar 26th 2019

No more unwanted passengers in your Roll Off WHILE you’re driving down the road! Covering your Roll Off means avoiding expensive EPA fines, eliminating storm water (and bear) weight and protecting you … read more