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Impact believes in sustainability and in being responsibly ‘green’. That’s why we use up to 40% of post-consumer recycled product in our dumpster lids and various other products.

How does it work? The consumer simply puts out their recycle bins, which are picked up and taken to be broken down into plastic pellets. Impact purchases these pellets and uses them in our dumpster lids, Poly-O Caster wheels, Odor Surrender Containers, Ice Surrender Containers and Hybrid Truck Canopies.

Our specially designed recycling chute lids also encourage responsible and practical consumer recycling, and make it easier for haulers to collect the recyclable materials.

Impact also provides free pickups of old plastic containers, recycle bins, residential carts and dumpster lids. We issue a credit towards your next purchase, and your overall tipping fees at the landfill are reduced.

No quality is sacrificed by our ‘green’ process! Impact offers the finest, most durable dumpster lids, dumpster parts, caster wheels and more waste-related items in the industry. Durable, long-lasting and efficient! You can rest easy knowing you have made a wise purchase, while contributing to a sustainable recycling program.

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