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Introducing the NEW StreamClean Recycling Lid

Posted by Paul Reidy, Impact VP of Marketing on Sep 17th 2020

In a collaborative effort with National Haulers, Impact is proud to introduce our line of StreamClean Recycling Lids, a patented design to reduce contamination in single stream recycling containers. Impact launched its first recycling lids in 2014 with a 36” wide co-mingle/mixed recycling lid with the intent to improve conditions around recycling containers. While it improved overflow and debris around the containers, it was not an effective deterrent for general trash bags.

Original Co-Mingle Design

With China now restricting imported recyclables from the U.S., finding ways to eliminate contamination at the end user level is more critical than ever. In partnership with Haulers servicing multi-dwelling apartment complexes, Impact went to work on new ways to fight this battle. The first step was to move to a 1-piece 74” wide recycling lid versus a container using two 36” lids. The split between the lids created an opportunity for storm water to enter the container and for someone with enough strength and will, a potential entry point for general trash bags. The second step was identifying the maximize size entry point for a recyclable. Using Warehouse club sized detergent bottles and milk jugs, we developed an opening that allowed for those plastic containers, while staying small enough to deny general trash bags.

Impact is launching the StreamClean in two sizes (74" x 48" and 74" x 58") in three different colors (black, yellow and blue). In November 2020, Impact will launch a 74" x 41" StreamClean lid designed for 2 yard front load containers prevalent at multi-dwelling apartment complexes.  As an accessory, Impact also offers an end user instructional label to help educate and promote responsible recycling.

End User Instructional Label (Optional)

For more information on the StreamClean, please reach out to Impact Customer Service at 877-454-3748, or