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Dura-Bottom™ Container Repair System

Never Replace Another Corroded or Rusted Container Bottom Again. The Dura-Bottom Container Repair System is Made of High Density Polyethylene and Attaches to Most 3 Yard to 10 Yard Containers with a Metal Flange.
  • The Dura-Bottom is designed with structural ribbing and has passed rigorous use and abuse testing.
  • The plastic pan bolts to our metal flange to create a leak proof attachment.
  • The metal flange on each Dura-Bottom size has a 3 inch width on all sides to accommodate variances in Container sizes.
  • The Dura-Bottom is approximately 40% lighter than a traditional steel bottom making easier to handle and less expensive to ship.
  • Add caster mounts and drain plugs to the Dura-Bottom (sold separately).
  • The Dura-Bottom comes with plastic pan, metal flange, nuts/bolts (75), silicone caulk (2) and cold galvanizing spray.
  • 3 year limited liability warranty.
  • U.S. Patent No.: 11,858,726 Date of Issue: January 2, 2024
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Ships in less than 2 days.
3 Year Warranty on Parts and Workman Ship. Dura-Bottom must be installed as described in our Instructions for valid warranty claims.

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