Storm-Top EVO Roll Off Lid System - $3,385 - $4,085 Each

Lightweight, Permanently Mounted, Aluminum Frame Opens for Both Sides For Easy Open and Close to Keep Storm Water Out and Eliminate EPA Fines for Contaminaton.
  • Lid system can be opened from either side
  • Torsion spring hinge assist allows virtually effortless opening and closing.
  • Aluminum frame bolts to container and can be disassembled at any time.
  • Frame design reduces container opening from 16' to 18' wide in some cases
  • Meets EPA regulations for storm water exposure.
  • Lockable to protect container from theft and unauthorized dumping.
  • Helps avoid overcharges at the scales for excess snow and rain weight in the container
  • Durable- UV protected polyethylene, impact resistant outer shell is made to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.
  • Roller system lifts up with the cover allowing full access to entire container.
  • Standard design is semi-permanently mounted and travels with container at all times.
  • Container can be dumped with cover open or closed
  • 18'-20' VERSION - $3,385 Ea (PLUS SHIPPING)
  • 20'-22' VERSION - $3,735 Ea (PLUS SHIPPING)
  • 22'-24' VERSION - $4,085 Ea (PLUS SHIPPING)
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IP ST-8300-EVO
$3,385.00 - $4,085.00

Product Specifications

  • Can be assembled in lengths from 18′ to 23′ long in 6″ increments
  • Assembly time is approximately 2-3 hours.
  • Adjustable operator handle accommodates any container height.
  • Custom colors available with order of 10 or more.
  • Proudly made in the USA.
  • Shipping dimensions and weight: 1pc order- 90″W x 102″L x 22″H 710LB, 2pc order- 90″W x 102″L x 30″H 1180LB
  • US PATENTS 9434539 and 10233017, US PATENT PENDING 16/795,240

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