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10 HP POWER UNIT For Self-Contained & Stationary Compactors
  • Raised 30 Gallon low profile tank for quick and efficient heat dissipation.
  • Reliable Baldor TEFC 10 HP 3 Phase Motor suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • NEMA 4 Rated Control Cabinet with Allen- Bradley controls.
  • Quiet, rugged aluminum gear hydraulic pump, 8 GPM at 1770 RPM.
  • 2 Year Limited Liability Warranty.
  • 24/7 Technical Support available.
  • Contact us for customized specifications.
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Product Specification

  • CONTROL CABINET - The Hoffman 16" x 16" x 6" enclosure, is NEMA 4 rated with clamp style closures and includes authentic Allen-Bradley controls and UL listed electrical components. The high quality, closed cell foam gasket keeps moisture and contaminants out of the control cabinet.
  • VERSA-PAK UNIVERSAL PLC - Our proprietary Versa-Pak PLC comes standard in each power unit and can be adjusted to operate any standard self-contained or two yard stationary compactor that you have in your fleet.
  • 30 GALLON LOW PROFILE TANK - Low profile tank design, creating more surface area for hydraulic oil, resulting in quicker and more efficient heat dissipation versus a standard power unit. The tank is seated on 6" legs to keep it safely away from the ground.
  • BALDOR 10HP MOTOR - Our unit is powered by a Baldor TEFC 10 HP 3 Phase Motor. With a long history of performance and reliability over other electric motors, the Baldor motor is suitable for all outdoor weather conditions as well as operation inside.
  • ALUMINUM GEAR PUMP - A quiet, rugged aluminum gear hydraulic pump, 8 GPM at 1770 RPM, that is slightly under sized for the motor, to reduce wear on the motor and the pump itself, without reducing the compactors cycle times.
  • MANIFOLD - The manifold uses ¾" ports for both pressure, and return allowing for a higher flow of hydraulic oil further reducing motor and pump fatigue and heat in the hydraulic system.


2 Year Limited Liability Warranty.

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